Building Lacrosse in Washington

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Space Needle Shootout Game Rules

Game length will be two 20-minute running halves with a 5 minute halftime.  The last 2 minutes of each game will be stop time. There will be a horn sounded 2 minutes prior to the start of the games. The scorer’s table will give you a warning at 1 minute and again at 30 seconds that the game clock is starting. All game time will be kept at the table at the field.  Penalty time will also be kept at the fields.  Penalty time will equate to a technical or 30-second penalty in stopped time, to a 45-second penalty in running time.  A 1 minute penalty in stopped time becomes 90 seconds in running time.  The opponent in the lead will need to "keep it in the box" inside the last 2 minutes of the game. Rules for advancement will also be adhered to including 30-second rule to clear and enter the opposing "box". 20/10 at 7/8, HS & Elite. There is no advancement rule for 5/6 teams.


All games will adhere to and be refereed under NFHS rules unless otherwise noted.


Additional Rules for 5/6 and 7/8 teams

No contact with a player on the ground, one-handed wrap checks are considered dangerous and will be ruled as a slash in 5/6.  The 5/6 and 7/8 players may not make contact more than 3 yards from the ball. Full length D-sticks are allowed, and all NFHS rules regarding stick length should be adhered to. Short sticks at the 5/6 level are 37-42 inches. 





There will be NO overtime in pool play. Overtime in playoffs will be 4 minute sudden death period(s).


Time Outs and Substitutions:

No time outs during pool play.  Playoff games will be allowed a 1-minute time-out per half that cannot be taken in the last 5 minutes of either half.  There are no time outs during overtime. 


We will not be using a horn for substitutions because it is a running clock. All Substitutions will be on the fly.


Playoff Brackets:

Teams will be seeded into a playoff bracket based on the results of pool play and all relevant tie-breakers (see below).



Tie-breakers are used to determine standings within each pool as well as comparing cross pool match-ups for the purpose of placing teams in playoff brackets:

  1. Record based on weighted average

  2. Head to head

  3. Goals against

  4. Coin flip


    Championship Bracket:

    All first place pool teams will move into the playoff bracket. Teams must win their pool to advance, all teams in the tournament are guaranteed 4 games. Those teams in pools of 4 that are not in first place will play a consolation cross-over game. The teams in pools of 5 will be done after pool play.



    Players that are not listed on the roster before the start of that team’s first game will not be allowed to play without consent from the tournament organizer.  Any player who plays in a game and IS NOT on the published roster, will forfeit the game for the team he plays on.  Rosters are not to exceed 24 players and players may not play for more than one team.